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312297_10152388898515109_272135887_nIf you’re anything like me, and you’re looking for an organic home business, then you’ll definitely want to read this post.

Have you been working another business (or maybe a few other businesses) where the product was just not up to snuff? You heard things from stage that contradicted what was on the label. Your leaders told you it was safe, but then you read somewhere horror stories of people getting sick from this ingredient or that ingredient?

Or maybe you just know in your gut that if something is organic it would be labelled as such. I mean…if a company was 100% organic, wouldn’t it be something they’d be proud of and would plaster it everywhere?

I’ve had those same questions and concerns. So I went on a search for an organic home business that I could be proud of.

I have been in the home based business industry since 2005 and have been in two nutritional companies. One had good products, one had ok products. But when I left my second company, I left primarily because of ingredients and at that point I became hyper-aware of what is on the label of anything I put in my body or on my skin.

So I went out and sought out an organic home business that had a product line that I could truly feel good about and that I would never have to defend any ingredients in the products. Having been in the industry for a number of years, I knew of most companies out there. Usually the first thing I do is check the products and ingredients and if it doesn’t say “organic” or “all natural” then I would just overlook it.

There wasn’t much out there….

But Then I Found An Organic Home Business That Would Work

I found Essante Organics!

They offer a catalog of products. Everything from nutritional, weight loss,organic skincare, body care, baby care, essential oils and home care.

First thing I did was check out the products. They looked great! I mean..I couldn’t find one thing wrong with them. Everything was 100% certified toxic free and organic or wild crafted.

** Wild crafted means that it grows wild ..for example on the hillsides in Northern Ireland sort of thing. :)

They are certified by third party organizations. Certifications can be found here. They are actually one of only 6 companies worldwide that are certified by the Toxic Free Foundation.

 …And I Talked To The Founder Of Essante Organics

His name is Michael and he enlightened me on a few things.

First though…..

He’s been in the home based business industry for 27 years. He’s made millions with a skin care company. He got started when it was still a young company.  That company was NuSkin. It’s still around today and one of the giants of this industry.

His vision for Essante is that it is the first 100% toxic free/organic network marketing company with a catalog. It’s a way of life…before it becomes a way of life. Everyone is be educated via the internet and media on toxic ingredients and how many of them are linked to cancers and other disorders. They are seeking solutions. Essante is a solution to that problem.

Long term Essante will be a worldwide brand. It’s already shipping to 38 countries. Because the product ingredients are so clean, it’s relatively easy to be approved and to ship worldwide.

Take a look at some of the monster home business companies in this industry. Many of them have what? A catalog. Yes hundreds of products. Look at Avon, Herbalife, Amway, Mary Kay. This is what Essante is modelling itself after except with one giant difference – 100% toxic free and organic.

I’ve also done an Essante Organics review…check it out.

Here’s A Video Why I Joined

So if you want to know more about this organic home business then check it out here:


Or Call Tracy at 416-602-9897


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